Thursday, 25 June 2009

BNP Vile Message

Like many others, I have read the offensive comments of Nick Griffin of the British National Party claiming there is no such thing as a black Welsh man.

Thousands and thousands of black Welshmen and women up and down our country will, I am sure, quite rightly view these comments as bizarre, offensive and outrageous. We must not lose sight of the fact that many of them will also be worried and concerned that these comments, and what lies behind them, could even become mainstream political thinking in Wales and more widely in Britain. We must ensure that never happens.

Whilst I was thankful and relieved the BNP did not make a breakthrough in Wales, sadly they did in England. We must all seek to ensure they never get the sort of foothold in our country that the National Front has in France.

Thankfully the heartbeat of Wales, England, Scotland and Britain is represented much more accurately by decent people like Joanna Lumley who campaigned for the rights of settlement for Ghurkhas in our country, and the decent majority in our country.

That said, we must not leave the field clear for the BNP to get away with the outrageous and offensive claims of which this is surely the latest.

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