Thursday, 21 January 2010

Shocking Cuts in Powys Secondary School provision under consideration

I was shocked to hear that the new Lib Dem/ Independent administration in Powys is considering huge cuts into secondary school provision in Powys.

The Draft Strategic Outline Programme for Secondary Modernisation in Powys puts forward four models for future provision which fail to recognise the most successful schools, their financial state or their rurality.

I believe all four recommended models are unthinkable in Powys. As with all plans the devil is in the detail and some of the earmarked closures are actually some of our best schools both academically and financially.

I am at a loss how this document could have progressed so far under the current Lib Dem/Independent administration and have been in discussions with the Conservative Group on Powys as to how this can be stopped.

I am asking the Minister for Education to look into this report and its serious implications
It should never become a working document because, in my opinion, it is completely flawed.

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