Monday, 17 May 2010


Like many people, I was shocked by news of the vandalism of the slogan “Cofiwch Dryweryn.”

This rock and the slogan have iconic and historic significance for us in Wales and I was concerned that the rock had been daubed and the slogan defaced.

However, prompt action has meant that it has now been repainted and the slogan restored.

I very much welcome the restoration of this important part of our cultural history to its previous state.

I know too that the community of Llanrhystud, together with the National Trust, is raising funds to protect this iconic symbol. This should help to protect this monument in the long term and that is very good news.

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  1. Hi Nick

    To be honest, the message will be lost if the proposed industrial windfarm development at Nant-y-Moch is allowed to sail through by an unelected Quango sitting in Bristol. if that happens, we may as well repaint the wall 'Anghofiwch Dryweryn' and all go home.

    I am not totally opposed to green developments. For example, the proposals to make solar power more accessible to households is a great idea It is one which has a greater impact, when compared with the damage to the ecology of one of the last true wildernesses in Wales and one of important historical Welsh significance to boot.

    Do you agree to Plaid's slavish desire to create 'Tellytubby land' in mid Wales regardless of listening to people's concerns?