Thursday, 17 June 2010


Proposals for the future of High Schools have been outlined in a new document by Powys County Council.

One thing is certain, we must ensure there is the widest possible consultation on these plans to restructure Secondary and Post-16 Education in the county.

I accept that we need always to keep under review our educational system and the need to tackle falling rolls and financial pressures.

I believe the starting point should be how we keep open our excellent Secondary Schools whilst accepting that some changes to delivery may be needed.

The principle must be how we can continue to deliver excellent education without ignoring rurality and preserving communities when looking at future provision.

The current document is a pre-consultation document and consultation needs to be thorough and thought through.

I note Powys County Council wishes to complete this process and implement any changes by September 2011.

I believe this may be too short a period to ensure the widest possible consultation on proposals that are likely to cause considerable concern amongst parents and pupils.

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