Friday, 6 November 2009


On a visit to North Wales today, David Cameron said that if we win the next election and the Assembly asks for it, a Conservative Secretary of State for Wales will not block a request for a referendum on more powers.

This is good news.

This clearly demonstrates the Conservative Party’s commitment to devolution and to making it work for all the people of Wales.

We were the first party to suggest a referendum on the Assembly’s future powers following the Richard report and the present LCO system cannot last.

I very much welcome David Cameron’s statement.

There are many urgent challenges facing Wales today, not least the credit crunch, but still a lasting constitutional settlement is much needed.


  1. This is a welcome announcement. In some ways it is consistent even as far back as 1997. One of the major objections made by the no campaign was that the body would be an expensive "talking shop". There is no logic to having the Assembly but not providing it with the powers it needs to make a difference.

    While there are some concerns amongst Conservatives, I think that has more to do with the thought of Labour/Plaid having additional powers rather than the Assembly itself. The way to respond to those concerns is to do as we did in the European election - win.

  2. nice to see david as come around to your way of thinking

    John Evans

  3. I would welcome such a referendum on the Assembly's future powers.