Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I hear that Brian Gibbons told BBC Radio Wales recently that he wants to see alcohol strength taken into account in pricing to tackle Wales’ drinking culture.

I am glad to hear this as it is Conservative policy.

Much of the disorder that blights our communities is fuelled by alcohol, which is why the Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling, recently announced that we will introduce significant tax increases on the problem drinks, such as super strength beer and alcopops that are strongly associated with anti-social behaviour.

Supermarkets and other retailers will be banned from selling alcohol below cost price. We will also radically overhaul the licensing system to empower local councils and the police to clamp down on binge drinking hotspots and irresponsible retailers.

We must show law-abiding citizens that the criminal justice system really is on their side, and that troublemakers will not get away with making life a misery for others. I welcome Brian Gibbons’ support.

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