Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Lack of indepth reporting on Plaid mess-ups

I have noted with interest that a total of nine Plaid Cymru councillors went against Gwynedd’s Plaid –led local authority line and voted in favour of keeping Ysgol y Parc open in the Berwyn catchment area of the county at last week’s explosive full council meeting in Caernarfon.

It is now clear to most parents, school governors and communities who are facing a school closure within the county, that a number of Plaid councillors are obviously struggling with their education portfolio holder’s dogmatic stance on this issue which is to railroad these closures through come-what -may. Many parents and community members across the area have written to me with concerns that the consultation process on these closures is flawed and unfair, so it does not surprise me that councillors are at long last starting to question the party’s line, (well, the party’s line in Gwynedd, that is!).

However, what does surprise me, is how little take up of the story in the local and national media.
Rumour is rife in Gwynedd that the Plaid councillor for Bala has felt bound to resign from his party over this issue. Whilst Gwynedd County Council’s website shows that he may already have resigned as the portfolio holder of the Finance brief, remarkably, no headlines anywhere commenting on the likelihood that he may also have resigned from Plaid Cymru.

Just as several weeks ago, no reports of Ffred Ffransis’ and Cymdeithas y Iaith’s loud and vigorous protest in the public gallery of the council chamber when the controversial schools’ reorganisation was being discussed and accusations of ‘Bradwr!’ (Traitor!) were being hurled across the chamber, we find ourselves hitting yet another wall of silence surrounding the full events of last week.

Ah well, time for change! I am pleased to say that thanks to local people’s own social networking sites the news is getting out!


  1. Plaid have in the past tried to be all things to all people, it can be tricky at times like these, now with councillors resigning the PC whip how soon before supporters haemorrhage their votes to other parties.

  2. Yes indeed, Gwynedd is a dark and mysterious place where odd things happen, but you can't blame all the councillors for they know not what they do, you should also examine what the directors and officers do.