Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Aberystwyth Mayor

A busy constituency weekend which includes the inauguration of Aberyswyth's new Mayor, the youthful Trevor Shaftoe .

Aberystwth does these things well and all political parties join together to support the town.

Jim Griffiths the clerk conducts the ceremony with ruthless efficiency and a bewildering array of hand signals which would have had me running for the Highway Code but which the councillors seem totally familiar with.

Party politics does rear its head in town council but there is more than a whiff of 'Aberystwyth First' , before any political dogfights with 'vehicular access' and 'municipal highways' outdistancing political ideology by some considerable length.

Elin Jones and Lisa Francis are there too (both former councillors) as is Mark Williams.

I can't help feeling that the Town Council should be the forum for deciding plans for the future of the (own centre. A deadly combination of the Welsh Assembly Government and County Council seeking to improve the 'retail offer' ( whatever that is ) of the town which seems to involve the extermination of some wonderful independent traders and destruction of Aber's unique and indefinable character. The Town Council would have more sense.

Have a good year Trevor!

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