Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Cardigan Credit Union

Recently I visited Credcer in Aberystwyth with Lisa Francis.

I am a great fan of Credit Unions, I think they provide a fantastic service, and a visit to the Credit Union offices in Bridge Street confirmed this view.

Carole Morgan runs a very tight ship, and while we were there we saw customers welcomed practically as family friends. Surely this is how banking should be! A succession of customers came in and greeted by their names, discussion of family and local news followed as transactions were undertaken.

Carole told me that often people, in particular youngsters, would not have a passport and possibly not a driving licence and this would make opening a bank account in the traditional way practically impossible. Credit Unions are flexible and have managed to cut through this nonsense and open accounts for people.

They also visit local schools to encourage saving and this has proved extremely successful.

In addition, of course, they provide local employment. Obviously, without any thumbscrews or pressure at all, the staff there said how happy they were in their work.

Well done to Credcer and Carole Morgan, Tim Reece, Dafydd Thomas and Lorien Furbear!

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