Friday, 8 May 2009

Ten years on -- Gaudeamus Igitur

I am prompted by a nostalgic and generous e mail from Alison Halford on the subject of the Tenth Anniversary to do a brief retrospective on the time in between.

Ten years on the Assembly has gained in confidence and in powers.

The Welsh Conservatives have changed. In fact ten years ago we were not Welsh Conservatives. We are now a genuinely Welsh party with distinctive Welsh policies and. Welsh organisation. On a routine basis we call the Welsh Assembly government to account in our role as Official Opposition. I believe the party has grown in stature and confidence and certainly in votes and seats too. The Assembly has become established too.

Exchanging e mails with Alison I recalled how early on at the service in Llandaff Cathedral marking the Royal Opening by Her Majesty she was placed to sit near our group. She had obviously been marked out as a free spirit early on!

At that same Royal Opening Alun Cairns, Glyn Davies and I caught up in the patriotic emotion of the day had been on the kerbside cheering all arrivals in Llandaff to the echo. Large limo after large limo arrived and out got royalty, ambassadors, judiciary and Heads of State.

A breathily hush descended over the throng as a particularly large and grand limo hoved into view and the three of us and the rest of the throng gave voice to an extremely long and vocal cheer Out stepped Elizabeth and William Graham!

....Now that's class!

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