Monday, 15 March 2010

Dog Tax is Dangerous

The Government has announced a consultation which includes proposals to compel all dog owners to pay for compulsory third party insurance to be allowed to own their own dog.
This "Dog Tax" would not affect the owners of the most dangerous dogs as the Dangerous Dogs Act already bans the ownership and sale of fighting dogs like pit bull terriers. It is possible for dogs to be exempted from the ban, but owners must have their dogs neutered, muzzled and obtain third party insurance.

Owners of dangerous dogs which are already illegal are unlikely to take out such insurance as they will just continue to defy the law.

There are an estimated 330,000 households with dogs across Wales who would be required to pay a compulsory dog tax. Although some homes already have pet insurance, the poorest homes will be hit hardest by the new levy, such as pensioners for whom a dog may be their only company. The government has admitted that this dog tax may result in more stray and abandoned dogs and greater pressure on dog rescue centres.

Think again.!!

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