Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Gordon Brown’s Record

William Hague made a devastating critique of Gordon Brown’s record of failure as Chancellor and Prime Minister in Brighton.

As he pointed out, when Labour came to power, Britain was the 4th largest economy in the world. Now it is forecast within 5 years to be the 11th, behind not just China, but also France and Italy.

In 1997, we were ranked 7th in the world for the competitiveness of our economy. Now we are 13th.

We were 4th in the world for our tax and regulation. Now we are 84th and 86th. And we are the last G20 country to emerge from recession.

Gordon Brown once claimed to have saved the world. If so, he did it by wrecking the British economy.

1 comment:

  1. Britain has always been known to bounce back; and I look forward to Britain moving up the rankings in the next four to five years.