Monday, 6 July 2009


There appears to be some co-ordinated campaign targeted against David Cameron accusing him of being a closet communist because of his support for Unite Against Fascism!!

It is vital we all do Unite Against Fascism. The qualified success of the BNP in winning two seats in the European Parliament was a wake up call.

I have received a number of e mails purporting to be a spontaneous outpouring of horror at David Cameron's leftwing links but all written in virtually identical terms. I have also received a number directed specifically at me.

While the BNP may not have made the breakthrough that the National Front has made in France they are more than a ghastly end of pier show that we can shrug off. They need to be seen off. Their creed of hatred should have no part in British politics. When the likes of Bernie Ecclestone come up with their mantra - Hitler wasn't all bad, they legitimise the horrific doctrine of the BNP. Hitler was all bad incidentally not to say totally evil.

Those who vote for the BNP vote, of course, for the legacy of Hitler. It really is that simple.

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