Thursday, 30 July 2009

Our excellent armed forces

The United Kingdom is very well served by our totally professional armed forces. Regardless of political decisions that are made with which individuals may disagree we owe it to our armed forces (who are independent of politics) who serve in our name to supply them with the very best equipment to do their job regardless of cost. It is that simple. That has not been happening and it is a stain on our government that that is so.

Importantly we also owe it to our armed forces to support them to the hilt. I was dismayed at a Plaid Cymru AM's attack on the army alleging that it was targeting recruitment at deprived areas of Wales This is extremely patronising to the superb recruits who may enlist from such communities . It is also undermining of the finest armed forces in he world who do not of course practise press gang tactics which are still used in other parts of the world. If any Plaid Cymru politician or anybody else for that matter has any evidence of improper process in recruitment then they should supply the evidence of this. They should support our armed forces otherwise they should shut up. They should not indulge in this constant sniping and undermining of everything that our armed forces do.

Sadly Plaid Cymru is at best ambivalent about defence of Britain. Some Plaid Cymru members question the proposed development of a Defence Academy in St Athan for example. They should be slapped down by their party leader. It is time also for their coalition allies who, like the Conservative Party, are committed to the defence of Britain and to the St Athan development and who like us believe in the Union of our nations and the need to defend the United Kingdom to have a quiet word with Plaid Cymru about the subversive effect that this all has on our defence and those who serve in our armed forces.

For too long Plaid Cymru has been running with the nationalist unilateralist anti defence hares and hunting with the pro defence jobs hounds. Where do they stand on this?

Of course this two faced Janus approach is not unique Similarly they are anti the union of our countries but seeking more money from Westminster, against nuclear power in Wales except in the Assembly leader's Ynys Mon seat.
Time for a quite word in their ear by their coalition colleagues methinks

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