Friday, 24 July 2009

Review of the week… death threats, the BNP and the Royal Welsh Show

I write this review hearing the news that we have taken Norwich North in the most recent by-election success, 16% swing… well done Chloe and her team!

This week however has seen some high and low points; I started off in the Royal Welsh Show, the most significant agricultural show in the UK bar none. Another year another success – congrats to all involved. Monday started with a veiled death threat which I duly notified to the police. With typical efficiency they were there to meet me at the Royal Welsh. No clues as to who sent the threat but the police are on the trail.

Monday however soon improved with great meetings with the FUW and NFU Cymru, First Milk and tasting the fantastic Pembrokeshire cheese. One thing became obvious very quickly, we need a food champion in Wales and we must have honest labelling, food produced not processed in Wales must be labelled Welsh.

The week then moved on to more domestic assembly issues, interviewing for the post of researcher for the Conservative Group. What a field, any one could have been easily appointed and done a fantastic job. Yet another sign that the Welsh Assembly is becoming engrained in the political world and maturing as an institution, the quality and quantity of applicants for the post was a tribute.

Following a day of interviewing, I headed back home to Aberystwyth to meet constituents and visit organisations on the way. Yesterday saw a day out and about in Ceredigion with Lisa Francis. I met with the Chief Executive and Leader of Ceredigion County Council, very productive and clear they have a vision of the way forward for our county.

I arrived at home in Aber to find a complaint which will see me before standards again, apparently comments which I have made on this blog have upset supporters / members of the BNP… I’ve been here before and cannot say I mind.

This all leads me to here… typing this blog on my blackberry on the Aberystwyth to Shrewsbury line…

I have just passed Carno on the train and phoned the office to chase up the state of play on the campaign to re-open that station. We really need investment in Mid Wales, it was at the core of what would have been the rainbow coalition and it is one of the greatest let downs so far from the Lab/Plaid Coalition. It seems business in the Welsh Assembly Government means more neglect of Mid Wales!

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  1. Carno station is in desperate need of re-opening to benefit the economy in Mid Wales.

    It is a shame that recent announcements about rail infrastructure improvements have been watered down compared to pre-election propaganda by Labour and Plaid Cymru.