Friday, 19 February 2010

Ceredigion Planning

I have been concerned for some time about the enforcement of planning controls and planning decisions (or the failure to do so) by Ceredigion County Council, and I am in discussion with the County about this.

It is a general concern but I have the most concern with Aberystwyth Holiday Village, a case I have been working on with County Councillor Aled Davies.

It involves potential homelessness as well as the failure to enforce planning decisions. Many people living on the site have taken legal advice and consulted politicians and the CAB.
There are other aspects of planning that concern me and I will be raising these with the Minister.
I have previously raised this in the Assembly and written to the Minister to express my concerns.


  1. I am pleased that you are expressing your concerns regarding Ceredigion planning issues and I wonder whether, as leader of the Conservative group, you have a comment regarding the ongoing investigation by the Wales Audit Office into Carmarthenshire planning services?

  2. I think that the planners in Ceredigion seem to be overworked and totally under-guided. Who knows whats's going on.

  3. I've just read that Ceredigion Council are about to put plans in motion for of all things a multi-story car park right in the middle of Aber. One of my worries is that yet again there will be compulory purchases - apparently in Glyndwr Road. Is this the case?

  4. I note that it doesn't seem unusual for Ceredigion's Planning Committee to decide against their Officers' advice - so what is the point of having planning policies?