Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dangerous Dogs

The Kennel Club, an organisation that I have a great deal of time for, is wanting to strengthen the Dangerous Dogs Act. Laura Vallance has been in the Assembly to talk about it.

Many owners of dogs that are dangerous avoid the ban on specific breeds by mixing illegal breeds with legal ones as cross breeds avoid the ban.

Dogs from legal breeds can, however, be seized too if they are dangerously out of control.

Indeed seizures and prosecutions have increased massively in the last decade. Deaths and serious mauling from dogs in Wales and the UK as a whole have increased too.

Possible actions include registration of dogs, micro-chipping, an amnesty for surrender of illegal dogs and amendment of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The problem is multi-faceted, interlinked, as it often is, with social deprivation.

The Kennel Club is to be congratulated on their work to date. Action is needed.


  1. This is an important initiative with more and more accidents that happen because dog owners either aren't aware of how dangerous their dogs can be and don't get them properly trained or they purposely (cross)breed the dogs to be like a loaded weapon.

    Steve Johnson

  2. It should be investigated further into the owners of the dogs. If we can teach people how to better look after their dog then their would surely be alot less seizures needed for dangerous dogs.

    Steve Rankin