Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Over the weekend I decided to do a walk in the Beacons setting off from Llanfrynach. This is, as are many villages in the area, a very tightly knit community well served by people who live here.

Regular walkers will know the importance of public conveniences at the beginning and end of a walk, and I was pleased to see that the community of Llanfrynach had taken over the running of the local ‘ty bach’ from Powys County Council when Powys decided it could no longer finance the running of the conveniences.

Far too much of the work of an Assembly Member seems to be taken up with fighting closures of one sort or another, whether it is a local school or Post Office, a health facility, a Police Station or public conveniences. Closures in general , of whatever kind, scarcely represent progress for communities in the 21st Century. I was therefore delighted to encounter this excellent facility in the village. It appeared to have been turned into a mini art gallery inside with photographs. It was very well tended and I understand from my walking companion that the female side was similarly well provided for.

No problem in making a donation in the box outside for the upkeep of these conveniences.
Well done to Llanfrynach.

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  1. Things are closing left right and centre...or as in the case of Cardigan not opening at all. What's going on with the new hospital? Or not going on as the case may be.

    I saw the worrying report on the news last night and looks really really dodgy. No doubt the Sainsburys will go up regardless, its a shame that once again that the locals have been left in the dark.