Friday, 19 February 2010

Health Care in Mid and West WalesThere

are always plenty of healthcare issues in the 'In tray'. Currently two important ones feature Meirionnydd Dwyfor. They also reflect concerns elsewhere in my area and throughout Wales.
The changes to Community Health Councils is a concern up and down Wales. I believe strongly that these bodies need to reflect local concerns and anxieties.

The abolition of the Meirionnydd CHC is, in my opinion, wrongheaded and undermines local health care provision. There are issues too about the appointment of new representatives to CHCs, with places being left unfilled.

I am also very concerned about many EMI patients who, when moved out of hospital into a care home (and I am certainly not against the move per se as it is often totally the right thing to do), are moved far far away from their loved ones and friends. This is happening in many parts of my area including Meirionnydd and it is cruel and needs to be stopped.

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