Monday, 7 September 2009

BBC and Climate Change

Now I am a fan of the Beeb. Not unqualified, like most of humanity except his immediate relations I believe that Jonathan Ross is paid too much. Yet all in all I can't help feeling thet the BBC is, in general, rather a good thing.

I am mysified, however, as to why the BBC with its public service responsibilities should drop a day of programmes about climate change because it did not believe it should take sides in the debate on climate change.

What debate? There may well be a debate about what we should do to counter the effect of climate change and perhaps a disagreement about the timescale of the threat. In just the same way there may well be a debate about how to tackle global poverty but there is surely no serious debate about whether we face a serious threat.

I do hope the BBC is willing to front up on a serious campaign on climate change and urge people to take individual action to contribute to seeing off this serious threat. I will even allow Jonathan Ross to host it-- if absolutely necessary.

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