Tuesday, 22 September 2009

General Election Night.

I have followed with some interest the debate surrounding “General Election Night”. As you can imagine I have followed many “election nights” on T.V as well as attending many counts themselves.

I found myself launched into the debate following a letter from The Electoral Commission which outlined their position. First of all I can understand entirely the most important issue is ensuring an accurate result.

Overall though, I cannot see any benefit from these proposed changes. I have found over many years most counts to be extremely well organised, the returning officers more than comfortable with the mission and no questions surrounding the result.

The rush and excitement of an election night, despite falling turnouts is still, I feel, engrained into our political culture. We also find ourselves in a 24/7 digital age, love it or loathe it - news is pretty much instant and to delay the result seems very much a backward step!

In fact the more I consider my response, the more I find my decision on this issue clear. We cannot allow delayed counts to ruin one of the great facets of British Democracy, Election night. It’s a very British event to overturn a Government in one night.

In short – Keep Calm and Carry on – lets keep Election Night.

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