Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A dubious Westminster Rainbow?

So Adam Price has woken up to the likelihood of a Conservative victory in the General Election and is setting out Plaid's stall for a Westminster rainbow coalition. Not sure if this involves the Lib Dems too! Has he checked if they've altered their position on tied votes? Also his hand has been weakened by many Plaid AMs saying they would never do a deal with the Tories.

Needless to say the Conservative party is campaigning to win outright at the General and that must remain a very real nay likely outcome but the change of tone of the approach is an interesting one.

Adam is right about Labour's decline though that hasn't suddenly happened. It has suddenly become apparent but has been a long remorseless process.

In these circumstances and given the very staid nature of the Assembly coalition which has in two plus years failed to deliver any constitutional change demanded by Plaid and little or nothing on the language too it is surprising that he should still favour a deal with the so called left.. A coalition that has failed to provide assistance for a Welsh language daily newspaper, for example, and has cancelled the policy of no top up fees for Welsh students is scarcely what Plaid said it wanted in a dancing partner.

I do agree that the treatment of Dafydd Wigley has been reprehensible. Plaid's willingness, though belated, to take a part in the second chamber at Westminster should have been welcomed. It is widely recognised that Dafydd Wigley could have made indeed could still make a significant contribution in the House of Lords, a point often made by John Major, who was, of course, famously paired with Dafydd.

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