Monday, 14 September 2009

New Plaid No Difference

So Plaid are clearly focused on taking the country forward into the past or should that be backwards into the future?.

The usual whinge about Unionist parties indicating that for all the talk of difference they haven't changed. Same old obsession, same old Plaid.

Plaids are in government after all... What have they achieved? For example what have they done in terms of protection of the language?-- no help for a Welsh language daily newspaper and as yet no response from their leader to my letter suggesting concerted action to protect the retention of the Welsh language in plenary proceedings.

No progress on constitutional reform.
No laptops even!

Meanwhile we are developing policies on help for small businesses, more power for schools, help for hospices, help for pensioners and promotion of walking and cycling ( both green and healthy ) .

Other policies on social justice and education and culture will follow shortly.

We could spend valuable time raking over the distant past, barely discernible on the horizon (including Plaid Cymru's) or we can focus on the future - far more challenging, far more relevant and far more necessary.

That's what we are going to do.

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