Monday, 19 October 2009

Decisive and set to surprise us all!!!

The BBC are reporting that Sir Emyr Jones Parry is set to “surprise” us all with the recommendations from the All Wales Convention. I for one will be at the front of the queue on the 18th November.

The Labour-Plaid Government in Cardiff Bay promised us a referendum; I wonder if this report is positive enough, will we get it? Sir Emyr Jones Parry promises to be decisive I doubt this will be followed by a divisive Government.

With over 3,000 views and public meetings across the country there should be a fair cross-section of society. At the beginning of this process I was concerned that it would be too bubble centric, by that I mean it would not leave CF99 (Cardiff Bay).

Sir Emyr Jones Parry to be fair though has done a tidy job. It has been hard to tune into a Welsh Radio station without catching an advert from the All Wales Convention and how to participate!

Admittedly there are massive issues confronting Wales like the credit crunch and climate change but clearly the question of powers affects the way that we do things in Wales. The report will, I am sure, make for interesting reading.

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