Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tony Hawks

I am a great Tony Hawks fan. I enjoy his appearances on radio and television and his books, 'Touring -Ireland with a fridge' and 'Playing the Moldovan Football team at Tennis' .The. hitchhiking tour around Ireland as the result of a drunken bet is a great life affirming adventure. My copy of the book was worn and dog eared from much use and constant lendings when a friend from Ireland refused to believe that anybody could possibly tow a fridge around her native island. She now has custody of the tome which she enjoyed it enormously.

Imagine my great pleasure and surprise when a friend told me he had secured five tickets for the preview of the film and did I wish to see it. I did.

Tony Hawks playing himself and a script loyal to the original text made the film an excellent accompaniment to the film. I recommend it.

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