Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Local Government Settlement

Every year we go through the same points with this Welsh Assembly Government, they simply do not get it - I thought Plaid Cymru joining Labour in Government might have helped bridge the gap between the M4 and rural Wales, clearly not. I found myself emphasising again that councils in rural areas have particular difficulty in delivering effective local services!

Powys is a prime example, Powys has again received the worst settlement, tied with several other authorities, from the Labour - Plaid Welsh Assembly Government. This is all despite its rurality and covering the largest area in Wales. There are inherent difficulties in delivering services such as waste collection over a huge geographical area, never mind maintaining all those roads. One thing is certain all our Local Authorities will face the impossible task of deciding whether to cut services or hike up council tax bills in order to balance the books. I suspect they will end up doing both.

Let me get this point straight though; this is all because Labour and now Plaid failed to fix the roof when the sun was shining. Now we are all going to get cold and wet while they try and do a patch job!

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