Thursday, 1 October 2009

Barrie Harding OBE

I had known Barrie Harding for many years as a friend and colleague.Barrie had held about every post that existed in the Welsh Conservative party and was very supportive of the changes that had been made to the party in Wales.

Yesterday along with Alun Cairns I went to Barrie's funeral in Llanelli. It was a white knuckle ride down the M4 to get there on time. I won't say who was driving but it wasn't me!

There is to be a later memorial service where I am sure there will be masses of friends and colleagues from within and without the party.

There were a lot of family and friends at the service yesterday. It was a humanist celebration of his life but to cater for us all there was the great John Bunyan hymn 'He who would valiant be'. We hammered it out with great gusto. I smiled to myself because that thinking of others was Barrie's greatest characteristic. I suspect that he liked the hymn too - who says the Devil has all the best tunes?
The address captured Barrie to a tee.

Rest in Peace good friend and condolences to all your loved ones especially Lyndy and Beryl.

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