Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I spoke today in the National Assembly to affirm on a cross-party basis the support of all four parties for S4C and that we value the creative industries in Wales.

It is natural that concerns have been expressed about the changes announced to S4C’s funding arrangements. S4C was, after all, set up by Lord Wyn Roberts of Conwy. We cherish it.

All parties – in the wider sense of the word – are clear that independence for S4C is crucial.

Everyone can also agree that a sustainable funding stream is necessary. And there is still a discussion to be had about what happens after 2013/2014.

I believe it is incumbent on elected members of the National Assembly to embrace our responsibility for Welsh affairs.

I believe there must be a role for the National Assembly to somehow bring experience and knowledge to bear in the debate about the future of Welsh broadcasting.

The BBC Trust and S4C Authority will shortly begin their discussions on governance.

The Chair of the BBC Trust said last week he would like to “move quickly” to settle the future of the existing partnership.

S4C has already acknowledged – in A Process of Renewal - that “comprehensive reconsideration and a renewal of the channel’s mission and operation” is due.

This will allow the channel to adapt itself and remain independent.

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