Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I recently asked Jane Davidson if any assessment had been made of the potential impact of the opening of supermarkets in towns on the economy of the area.

Concerns have been raised with me by residents of Cardigan about the proposed supermarket development on the Bathhouse site in Cardigan.

In reply, Jane Davidson said:

“Local planning authorities should collect and analyse retail information to inform preparation of their Local Development Plan. This should include considering the impact of existing, or proposed, supermarkets on town centres . Where there is an unmet need for further supermarket provision sites may be identified, giving preference to town centre or edge of town centre locations.

All planning applications for supermarkets over 2,500 M2 gross floor space should be accompanied by a retail impact assessment. Planning applications over 10,000 M2 which are departures from the development plan and all planning applications over 20,000 M2 should be notified to the Welsh Assembly Government so that a decision can be made on whether to call in the planning application.”

I have to say I remain concerned about the proposed supermarket development on the Bathhouse site in Cardigan.

I believe this will have a detrimental impact on the small, independent traders in the town as well as increasing traffic on Aberystwyth Road, North Road and Gwbert Road.

This is particularly pertinent as the application now also includes a petrol filling station thereby attracting more traffic to the area.

I have written to Ceredigion County Council to make my concerns known and will follow progress on this development closely.

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