Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I recently wrote to Wales & West Housing Association after being contacted by residents of Christchurch Court in Llandrindod Wells who were concerned about accessibility and storage issues regarding their mobility scooters.

Mobility scooters are an excellent way of allowing the elderly and infirm to retain their independence and their use is becoming more and more widespread.

Residents were asking if there were any plans to provide a storage area for such scooters and automatic sliding doors to allow easy access.

In their response, Wales & West Housing Association said:

“The issue of mobility scooters and their storage is becoming more prevalent at all of the Association’s retirement schemes. I can advise that staff have been investigating a suitable location for a mobility scooter store at Christchurch Court.

It appears that there is somewhere suitable and plans and costings are currently being considered.

With regard to automatic doors being installed, this work is being prioritised for all our retirement schemes across Wales.

Christchurch Court will be considered and as soon as funding is available, residents will be informed.”

I very much welcome this positive reply and am greatly encouraged by Wales & West Housing Association’s recognition of this and their commitment to making their homes more accessible for scooter users.

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