Monday, 8 November 2010

Ten Green Bottles

Some friends have pointed out it is a while since I have done any blogs – my excuse the usual pressure of business and also now tweeting on a regular basis. Still, I am going to try and do the occasional blog as well.
This week I visited an excellent business in New Radnor called ‘Ten Green Bottles Powys CIC’ or Community Interest Company to give it its full title. This is a form of business which operates as a social enterprise.

Absolutely brilliant. Its mission is described as making quality products from recycled glass in a supportive, work creative, training and volunteering environment. This it certainly does with Gordon’s Gin bottles, Marmite jars, and Ty Nant blue bottles. These entrepreneurs and team set out to make fruit bowls, Christmas decorations, mirror surrounds, tumblers, coasters, cheese boards and a host of other excellent presents.

I am told the only thing they cannot recycle is the labels from the bottles! They also provide fantastic job opportunities for local people and some with learning difficulties. The team spirit and the enthusiasm are palpable.

The business is expanding and there are some large orders in the offing as well as many people buying, particularly at this time of year, for presents for Christmas. The business also operates Glad Bags, making bags for life etc., from off cuts.

I can quite see this business expanding in a Body Shop sort of way. Perhaps even a British feel good type of movie like ‘Calendar Girls’ or ‘Made in Dagenham’ could be cast around the business.

I wish them every luck and think it has massive potential for success.

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